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Dr. Zavitz Publishes Chapter in "The Cambridge History of the Age of Atlantic Revolutions"

We are proud to highlight the remarkable achievement of our very own Dr. Zavitz. Five years ago, Dr. Zavitz received an invitation that would not only contribute to the academic world but also leave a lasting impact on our school community.

Dr. Zavitz was invited to write a chapter for Volume II of "The Cambridge History of the Age of Atlantic Revolutions." This three-volume compilation delves into revolutions worldwide from the 1680s to the 1820s. Volume II specifically explores the revolutions of France, Europe, and Haiti, with a keen focus on the French Revolution and its transformative effects. The volume examines various aspects, including changes in family life, religious practices, socio-economic relations, and the prevalent themes of violence and terror during the revolution.

Dr. Zavitz and her fellow scholars engaged in meticulous research and collaboration over five years. They navigated the complexities of historical narratives, seeking to unravel the interconnected threads of revolutions across France, Europe, and Haiti. The final chapters of the volume culminate in a profound exploration of the Haitian Revolution and its significant impact on neighboring countries.

Last year, Dr. Zavitz brought this wealth of knowledge to her upper school humanities class, teaching two versions of Haiti as a special topic. During the semester, she not only shared the historical insights gained from her research but also imparted the process of writing a scholarly publication. Students had the unique opportunity to witness the dedication and hard work required to bring such significant work to fruition.

The culmination of this extensive effort was celebrated during a recent morning meeting when Dr. Zavitz proudly shared the published book with our school community. Her enthusiasm and dedication were evident as she emphasized the importance of continued learning. Drawing parallels between academic pursuits and sports, Dr. Zavitz highlighted the value of practice, asserting that, whether in layups on the basketball court or sprints on the track, practice leads to progress, and perseverance is key.

Dr. Zavitz reflected, "Being able to share my work with students brings to light the processes of research and writing that we practice in upper school humanities classes daily. I am also able to share my passions and make my teaching more powerful because I can teach subjects that I have spent years of my life studying. Moreover, I can model for my students how to be a lifelong learner and what opportunities are available for them to pursue one day too."