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Bosque School
Bosque School

Bobcat Stories

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Why did you choose Bosque School for your daughter? 

We visited several schools before officially deciding on Bosque, but following our initial introduction to the institution, which was a simple tour and visit with the staff, we were already sure it was the next step for our daughter. Bosque's focus on developing the entire person, not only their academic aptitude but a genuine curiosity and love for learning, reflected our motivations as parents. Thus, Bosque was the obvious choice.

What do you love most about Bosque School?

From an oversight standpoint, we parents are deeply involved and informed about our child's education every week, and it's great to know how she's progressing. But for us, it's the nurturing, holistic environment that sets the stage for that learning. The teachers are grounded and connected to their kids, the campus is lovely, and they base some of their scholarship in the natural environment surrounding the school. 

What is one word that best describes Bosque School? 

Holistic. Definition: characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Why we chose this word: our child is by definition interconnected to the community and world surrounding her. So by understanding the parts of that greater whole, she discovers what makes her unique and valuable.

In what ways have you seen your daughter grow and develop as a student because of her experiences at Bosque School?

We're still new(ish) to the school, but we're noticing that our child is surrounding herself with kids who might not necessarily fit in, they're not about a popularity contest, they're at school to learn and forge real friendships. Let's face it: kids need buddies at school. Without the distractions of perceived status, our daughter can focus on learning, and she's thriving.

How do you believe Bosque School is preparing your daughter for college and life?

Simply put, we don't believe rigorous scholarly discipline is the sole key to lifelong success. Academic fortitude matters, but so does character and the ability to overcome adversity. Bosque provides the “why” behind the What by letting students be themselves, and develop individually, learning by asking questions.

What would you tell another parent or guardian who is considering Bosque School as an option for their child?

Your kid shouldn't only be successful in the world, they should be Good. They should want to do Good things with their lives, and feel Good about themselves. Bosque fosters Goodness in people.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

We're only a few months along with our experience at Bosque. To think we could answer the previous questions with committed, honest answers like this should indicate that we're really enjoying the ride.