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7th Grade Bosque School Students Showcase Journalism Skills in Inaugural Bosque School Newseum

In a dynamic exploration of journalism, 7th-grade students at Bosque School recently participated in the first annual Bosque Newseum. This interdisciplinary journey into the world of journalism allowed students to explore newsworthy topics affecting New Mexico, demonstrating their skills in both print and audio storytelling.

The students engaged with a variety of topics relevant to their local community, including the new APS schedule, solutions to the stray animal issue in Albuquerque, the expansion of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, and the ongoing controversy surrounding the use and appropriation of the Zia symbol. Under the guidance of teachers Ms. Jenkins, Ms. Gegg, Ms. Pedrick, and Mr. Etigson, students explored journalistic techniques, gaining insights into effective interviewing, source evaluation, research methods, and the development of newsworthy ideas.

The interdisciplinary approach extended beyond traditional print journalism, as students also learned about audio storytelling and podcast production, exposing them to the ever-changing landscape of journalism. 

Reflecting on the experience, 7th grader Iris expressed the enjoyment of interviewing people, stating, “It’s really fun to interview people because you get different insights. I didn’t really know a lot about my topic beforehand, but once I did the interview, I knew a lot more.” This sentiment echoed that of many students who found the hands-on experience to be both educational and enjoyable. Aryanna, a 7th-grade writer, reflected on her learning process stating, “I learned more about how to use primary and secondary sources and that there’s a difference between how and when to use them.” 

Ms. Jenkins, the middle school humanities department chair, emphasized the importance of connecting classroom studies to the real world. "Understanding quality journalism from the inside will allow them to become more discerning in their interactions with all kinds of media," she explained. This practical application of knowledge is a cornerstone of the Bosque School's commitment to holistic education.

The culminating event took the form of a free-flowing exhibit spread across five classrooms, showcasing the students' audio stories, podcasts, and print articles. The Bosque School Newseum not only celebrated the students' achievements but also highlighted the school's dedication to providing immersive, relevant, and engaging learning experiences that prepare students for the challenges of the real world.

Read Josie's article about the expansion of the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum here.

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