Mission and Core Values

Our Mission Statement

To prepare young men and women to become lifelong learners with the highest character values and academic goals in a natural New Mexico setting with strong family and community involvement.

Preparar a jóvenes para que lleguen a ser estudiantes de por vida con los más altos valores de carácter y metas académicas, en un entorno natural en Nuevo México, con una fuerte participación familiar y comunitaria.

    • Scholarship, Community & Integrity

At Bosque School, we instill a philosophy of lifelong learning. We believe in learning while abiding by our core values of scholarship, community, and integrity.


We encourage a lifetime of scholarship, drawing on multiple disciplines and taking a critical and inquisitive approach to learning. We challenge students to discover their passions, ask questions, and find solutions to problems.

We build a strong sense of school community at Bosque. From the small details of daily school life to large events, every effort is made to maintain the integrity of the school community and the values articulated here.

We hold Bosque students, faculty, and staff to the highest standards of honesty and integrity—a crucial element of civil interaction—and we encourage students to lead with compassion.