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Bosque School

Equity, Community, & Culture

Middle school students perform in drama class

At Bosque School we strive to be an intentionally diverse community, reflective of the city of Albuquerque; to be a community that honors and celebrates the richness of cultures and experiences represented; and to be an inclusive community where all students, families, and staffulty feel seen, heard, known, and valued for their equally essential role in creating a healthy and caring collective. 

We are committed to making Bosque School as inclusive and accessible as possible, and our strategic plan commits need-based financial aid to 50% of our students (more than double the national average). Our goal is that our community is reflective of Albuquerque — the community in which we live and learn. 

Recognizing that having a diverse community is only the first step, at Bosque School, we seek to cultivate an experience of belonging for our entire community and acknowledge that inclusion has not been and is not always experienced in similar ways for all individuals. We aim to foster a community that recognizes and respects the richness of our similarities and differences, is committed to growth in our personal and collective understandings, and appreciates that true inclusion enriches the academic and social experience of all. 

Bosque School's commitment to Equity, Community, & Culture (ECC) provides students with a developmentally appropriate curriculum (delivered through our signature whole-child education WILLDS program) that equips them with skills in self-awareness, critical thinking, cultural humility, and constructive discourse; skills that help them thrive as learners, community members, and leaders in today’s interconnected world. We also provide ongoing professional development for our staffulty. 

As a National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) member school, we commit to the NAIS Principles of Good Practice of Equity and Justice: NAIS schools value the representation and full engagement of individuals within our communities whose differences include — but are not limited to — age, ethnicity, family makeup, gender identity and expression, learning ability, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

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I love how inclusive we are…Bosque School has a really good handle on being very forward-thinking and inclusive. 
Bosque School 10th-grade student

My favorite thing about being a Bosque student is that this school really respects my differences. 
Bosque School 6th-grade student

60% of our students identify as people of color.