Bosque Parents' Association

Welcome to the Bosque Parents’ Association
EVERY parent and guardian is an automatic member of the Bosque Parents' Association (BPA), and we hope this group will help you build your adult community throughout your journey at Bosque School.

The BPA is a hub for parent volunteer opportunities and a resource for...
  • Parents to better understand the Bosque School community, discuss issues, and show appreciation to other community members such as faculty and staff.
  • Staffulty to connect with the parents, discuss issues and opportunities, and promote a community-based vision for the school.
  • Anyone who needs help coordinating a school-based event that brings students, faculty, and parents together.

Meet Your 2022-23 BPA Executive Officers

President: Caroline Cervantes
Vice-President/Incoming President: Sabrina Raffaelli

The BPA executive officers manage BPA meetings, host parent engagement nights, work with staffulty to ensure quality collaboration, and increase engagement between the parents within the community. They drive strategic plans and budget for the BPA throughout the year.

Open Volunteer Positions for 2022-23 School Year

List of 8 items.

  • BBC Co-Chair

    Role Description & Responsibilities: The BBC co-chair will assist the BBC parents in selling Bosque School branded merchandise and unique gifts (poinsettias during Christmas, caramel apples) during school events.

    Time Commitment:  2-3 hours/month
  • BPA Secretary

    Role Description & Responsibilities: 
    • The secretary will attend all BPA meetings and take minutes;
    • Distribute minutes to the executive committee members for approval prior to the next executive committee meeting;
    • Distribute approved minutes to the school’s head of school, director of communications, and chief financial officer;
    • Submit approved minutes to the director of communications to be uploaded to the school website on the BPA page;
    • Actively participate in the board of officers’ meetings and planning sessions;
    • Maintain confidentiality, while leading and adhering to the school’s mission of creating transformative learning experiences that empower a diverse community of students to lead lives of intellectual curiosity, personal integrity, and compassionate contribution to a more just world.
    Time Commitment:  2+ hours/month
  • Grade Representatives

    Role Description & Responsibilities: 
    • Each grade representative will introduce themselves to parents at the beginning of the school year, and build and maintain community throughout the school year via email and phone calls to grade-level parents (including welcoming new families to the grade). The representatives will encourage parents and guardians to attend events and get involved with activities such as the Bosque Fund grade-level challenge and volunteer opportunities. They will also coordinate grade-based social events (happy hours, etc);
    • The representatives will attend BPA meetings and be available as a parent resource and provide parent input at meetings;
    • The representatives will communicate parent suggestions or concerns to the BPA president in writing to be included in the next BPA meeting agenda.
    • The representatives will support and participate in BPA activities and help recruit and organize volunteers.
    Time Commitment: 2+ hours/month
  • Lunch Aide

    Role Description & Responsibilities: The lunch aide will check out students who are picking up a pre-purchased lunch. Basic computer proficiency is required. Training will be provided.

    Time Commitment: We are ideally looking for individuals who can commit to one standing day a week for an eight-week period (quarter) at a time. There are two slots available per day (one for middle school and one for upper school). The time commitment on Mon/Tues/Thurs/Friday is 10:45-11:45 am and on Wednesdays from 11:15 am to noon.
  • Special Event Support

    Role Description & Responsibilities: Throughout the year we have a number of special events at Bosque School to build community, have fun, and connect with each other. There are a variety of different ways to get involved with these events from volunteering for a couple hours, to sponsorships, to helping with set up and take down. These events are powered by volunteers and are a joyful way to come together. A calendar of events can be found here. 

    Time Commitment: Dependent on the specific event. Can range from a 2-hour volunteer shift to deeper involvement, based on individual interest and availability. Details about specific events found here will come later, but if you are interested in learning more about volunteering for events, please sign up below.
  • Staffulty Appreciation Co-Chair

    Role Description & Responsibilities: The staffulty appreciation co-chair will assist the chair in organizing staffulty appreciation events throughout the school year. This includes providing regular snacks (baked or store-bought) for the staffulty refreshment zone, thinking of creative and thoughtful ways to honor staffulty, and organizing the staffulty appreciation week events in March. 

    Time Commitment: 3+ hours/month
  • Staffulty Appreciation Committee Members

    Role Description & Responsibilities: 
    • The staffulty appreciation committee will assist the chair and co-chair in organizing staffulty appreciation events throughout the school year. This includes providing regular snacks (baked or store-bought) for the staffulty refreshment zone, thinking of creative and thoughtful ways to honor staffulty, and organizing the staffulty appreciation week events in March. 
    Time Commitment: 1+ hours/month
  • Volunteer Coordinator

    Role Description & Responsibilities: The volunteer coordinator will coordinate with the faculty, staff, and parent volunteers to organize events at Bosque School, including the Back-to-School Night mixer, Fall Fiesta, It Takes a Village Day, staffulty appreciation events, senior colloquium, the grand finale concert, step up ceremony, and commencement. The coordinator will organize volunteers for the aforementioned events and will work with the BPA liaison to have volunteering opportunities published in Bosque School communications.

    Time Commitment: 2+ hours/month
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