Bosque Parents' Association

Welcome to the Bosque Parents’ Association (BPA)

  • A resource for parents to better understand the Bosque community, to discuss issues, and to show appreciation to other members of the community such as faculty and staff.
  • A resource for the faculty and staff to connect with the parents, discuss issues and opportunities, and promote a community-based vision for the school.
  • A resource for anyone who needs help coordinating a school-based event that brings students, faculty, and parents together.
  • A hub for parent volunteer opportunities

As part of the BPA, the Bosque Booster Committee serves our student organizations by providing funds raised through several annual fundraisers. The Bosque Booster Committee operates the Bobcat Store for supporter gear and participates in a few fundraising activities throughout the year, including the Annual Poinsettia Sales, Summer Reading Book Fair, and more.

Bobcat Supporter Gear

Stop by the Bosque Gear Cabinet in the Upper Schoolhouse Lobby to get your favorite Bosque supporter gear including t-shirts, socks, sweatshirts, umbrellas, caps, and more! Get all of your Bosque supporter gear through the Bobcat Store. All proceeds benefit student organizations, extra-curricular opportunities, and classroom supplies.

Bobcat gear is available for purchase Monday-Friday. (closed on school holidays) 8:30 am-3:30 pm.

Bosque Gear is also available on Amazon.

Bosque Parents’ Association

President - Mitchie Benavidez
Co-Vice Presidents - Becki Branch and Kristelle Siarza
Secretary - Jenny Sandow
Volunteer Coordinator Chair -  Dana Lester
Bosque Bakers Chair - Jennifer Chadwick
Bosque Booster Committee Chairs - Kathy Heck and Jennifer Chadwick
Staffulty Monthly Appreciation Chair - Kelly Smyer

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Volunteering at Bosque

A complete education exists only when families come together to support teachers and staff by volunteering in some way. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer. 

Upcoming BPA Meetings